We keep moving forward opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious….and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~ Walt Disney
Dear friends, With love and admiration for every tennis student we’ve had and a profound sense of gratitude for the communities we are a part of, Leo and I take a deep emotional breath and announce that we are retiring Littlefield Tennis. After 35 years and thousands of students, this program has had an indescribable effect on us. It has been a unique experience, and our privilege, to watch children grow into adults, meeting all the challenges that sport and life bring; and then, in some cases, to have those same students return years later holding the hand of a child of their own. I’ve been thanked by many people for having created a wonderful environment. The truth is, it takes every person who comes onto the court with a positive spirit and healthy attitude towards learning and competition to make a great social environment. Therefore, I didn’t create this program alone: we created it together. I’m proud of all of us and what we achieved. As for Leo and I, we are creating a new adventure with the possibility to share and experience the outdoors with children and families. Stay tuned, we’ll announce more within the next year. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep playing tennis and bringing your families to this amazing sport. For the lifelong friends we’ve made, and the laughter, challenges and successes we’ve shared, what more can we say but...THANK YOU. Love,
Kyle Littlefield and Leanora LeGrand Contact the Exeter Rec Department (603-773-6151) for information and schedules about 2021 tennis programs.



This week, we will be  posting a video of all the fun we have had over the years with you—our students and friends.

Littlefield Tennis 35 years of tennis instruction
and coaching to area youth and adults.