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Year-Round Tennis Instruction
for All Ages

At Littlefield Tennis, new players learn fundamental
skills, while experienced players work to improve overall game and court strategy.

We have outdoor programs in Exeter and Portsmouth
when the weather is nice, and year-round, indoor play
at the Sports Barn in Hampton, New Hampshire.

















 With a tee-shirt-tennis attitude and emphasis on inclusion, we strive to balance excellence—in both character

and athletic achievement—with fun and a love for the game.



“Littlefield Tennis is a visionary leader of grassroots programming in New England.”  (USTA, Net Post)


Littlefield Tennis celebrates 35 years of tennis
instruction and coaching to area youth and adults.



Kyle Littlefield

Director of Littlefield Tennis NH, LLC



Kyle Littlefield has been coaching kids and adults for over 35 years. He has worked with at-risk teens, developed adventure based programming, and provided motivational speaking for schools and local groups. Littlefield Tennis is a well-known and well-loved recreational program, one of the largest in New England. He has extensive experience creating original curriculum, specializes in developing tennis-specific agility workouts (Etcheberry Certified), and is recognized as a “visionary leader of grassroots programming." (USTA)

In 2017, Kyle and Leanora LeGrand teamed up with Chris and Jessa Coates, of Spartan Basketball as partners at the Sports Barn. As Tennis Director at the Sports Barn, Kyle's goal is to bring the relaxed, recreational atmosphere of Littlefield Tennis indoors.

Leanora (Leo) LeGrand

 Leo's fifth grade report card read:

"Seeks attention through disruptive behavior."

Not much has changed.

Tina Morales

Tina is the glue that holds Littlefield Tennis together. She took on the job
of office manager in 2013 and never looked back. Tina has two children (Nick and Sofia) who are both instructors in the program.

Marran Ranks

Marran began as a student with Littlefield Tennis when she was 8 years old. She now has 12 years experience as a lead instructor. A graduate of Exeter High, Marran went on to play tennis at Saint Michael’s College where she currently holds the school record for total career wins. Marran is a math teacher at Salem High School, and formerly coached the girls’  JV soccer team in Salem and the girls’ varsity tennis team at Exeter High School



Youth Class Descriptions

RED BALL (4–6 yrs)

Half hour class. Develops basic skills of movement, tennis strokes, and social behavior in a fun, active, and relaxed environment.

ORANGE BALL (6-10 yrs)

Develops tennis specific agility, stroke progression, and love of the sport.

GREEN BALL (9-12 yrs)

On a full sized court, further development of new and existing skills, dynamic movement, consistency and accuracy, and how to win and lose respectfully.

YELLOW BALL ONE (12 and up)

Using standard tennis balls, work on fundamental skills, shot selection, footwork, and court strategy in match play.



Schedule and Pricing

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YELLOW BALL TWO (12 and up)

Intermediate and advanced juniors. Competitive players ready
for interactive live ball drills and match play. Evaluation required.

Learn to play tennis!


Court Size:

36' x 18' or smaller

Racquet Size:

Up to 23"


Length of Lessons

30 minutes



Court Size:

 60' x 21' Singles

 60' x 27' Doubles

Racquet Size:  Up to 25"


Length of Lessons

60 minutes



Court Size:

 78' x 27' Singles

 78' x 36' Doubles

Racquet Size:  Up to 29"


Length of Lessons

60 minutes



Court Size:

 78' x 27' Singles

 78' x 36' Doubles

Racquet Size:  Up to 29"


Length of Lessons

90 minutes



Adult Class Descriptions

Beginner Adults

Learn the basics: strokes, footwork and rules of the game.

Beginner Adults

Level 2

Further development of existing skills as players progress beyond entry level.

Adult Clinics/

Round Robins

2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

Interactive live ball drills, conditioning clinics and match play, leveled 2.5 - 4.0.


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Summer Information / Camps


Indoor Sessions

The Sports Barn

95 Drakeside Road, Hampton, NH


Outdoor Sessions

Exeter Rec Department

4 Hampton Road, Exeter, NH


Outdoor Sessions

Portsmouth High School

50 Andrew Jarvis Drive, Portsmouth, NH


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